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Best Picture of 2010

Black Swan

PRO: Layered fantasia on art, identity and creativity.

CON: Art, identity and creativity not really Academy's concerns.

The Fighter

PRO: Focus on struggling working class reflects America's recession-era sensibilities; along with The Town, blue-collar Boston has never gotten so much attention as in this engaging, inspired-by-real-events boxing drama.

CON: Didn't we nominate this last year when it was called The Wrestler?


PRO: Academy realizes it overlooked The Dark Knight, and decides to fulfill Christopher Nolan's dream ... within a dream ... within a dream.

CON: Statue hard to spin; did he really have to make a movie that makes less sense than Memento?

The Kids Are All Right

PRO: Lesbians.

CON: Not younger, ballerina lesbians.

The King's Speech

PRO: Intricate character study of British royalty has lessons for contemporary media age.

CON: Con: N-n-n-no tits.

127 Hours

PRO: It's not going out on a limb to say that this is a gripping movie once you screw up your courage to watch.

CON: Excruciating -- might as well have been called 127 Days.

The Social Network

PRO: The "movie about Facebook" turns a dry subject into a cinematic masterpiece, thanks to David Fincher's direction of a script by Aaron Sorkin (A Few Good Men).

CON: "A Few Good Men" also describes this movie, which has no major female characters that aren't in there to look hot or have sex with Justin Timberlake.

Toy Story 3

PRO: Third installment in billion-dollar movie franchise a critical favorite; Academy often saves best picture award for the last of a trilogy.

CON: Mike Myers still waiting...and perhaps Academy is afraid of Toy Story 4ever?

True Grit

PRO: Two years ago, Slumdog Millionaire won with Indians and no cowboys, so cowboys with no indians just seems like equal time.

CON: Academy voters old enough to recognize historical inaccuracies based on their childhood memories of the Old West.

Winter's Bone

PRO: Between the dad in this and Christian Bale in The Fighter, meth-abusing finally gets its due.

CON: Breaking Bad: The Movie.

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