The Felixes

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Best Director 2001

Ron Howard for A Beautiful Mind

PRO: A bookend to Love Story: this time Love conquers Princeton.

CON: This is exactly the movie you feared Opie would make: redemptive, but simplistic, with crescendos coming along like buses every fifteen minutes.

Ridley Scott for Black Hawk Down

PRO: Perfect for the Zeitgeist--and there's nothing in it about Enron.

CON:Characters blur into each other even more than in Gosford Park.

Robert Altman for Gosford Park

PRO: He's old, he's at the top of his game, this would be a graceful way not to give him Best Picture.

CON: Probably the way to get an award from American actors is not to diss them ("too egocentric") on national TV.

Peter Jackson for Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

PRO: Irony calling: Let's give gold statuette, which confers upon bearer power to rule world, to man who made movIe about gold ring, which confers upon bearer to rule world.

CON: Not too spectacular for Best Picture, but maybe not artsy enough for the directors fraternity.

David lynch for Mulholland Drive

PRO: About Hollywood; this award a place to reward a critical favorite.

CON: Vanilla Sky-like multiple plots make it tough to know what's going . . . zzzz.

Best Foreign Language Film 2001

Amelie (France)

Elling (Norway)

Lagaan (India)

No Man's Land (Bosnia & Herzegovinia)

Son of the Bride (Argentina)

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