The Felixes

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Best Picture 2001

A Beautiful Mind

PRO: All that pretty Ron Howard golden light; nominations for both its stars; validates Hollywood notion it's okay to have invisible friends.

CON: Highly edited version of Nash's life makes plastic-y, sanitized movie; we'd rather see the bisexuality, child-out-of-wedlock movie that must be on cutting room floor.

Gosford Park

PRO: Venerable cast; lovely long repetoire, lively "upstairs, downstairs" showcasing of two worlds; voters can take decorating tips from Duke's mansion in Northumberland.

CON: Anglophilia factor might backfire on Academy voters, who don't understand Kristin Scott Thomas a better actress than Angelina Jolie.

In The Bedroom

PRO: Strong buzz in L.A. for beautiful performances by Wilkinson, Spacek, and the Miramax marketing department.

CON: Little movie with no nomination for first-time director.

Lord of the Rings

PRO: Great story, strong performances and dazzling special effects--the movie Harry Potter was supposed to be.

CON: People have been bitching about the Empire Strikes Back doesn't really end problem--this movie doesn't really end about three times.

Moulin Rouge

PRO: Daring musical with production numbers not seen since a Lady Bunny birthday party; one of two strong Kidman performances this year (F-you Tom factor)

CON: A mess; director Luhrmann has confused the magic of the movies with the magic of Prilosec commercials.

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