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Best Supporting Actor 2001

Jim Broadbent in Iris

PRO: Extra credit for his incredibly strong turn in Moulin Rouge.

CON: He has to react to, rather than be, the crazy one (a factor that may also hurt Jennifer Connelly in A Beautiful Mind.

Ethan Hawke in Training Day

PRO: Uma will wear a really great dress.

CON: He'll probably read a children's book for his acceptance speech.

Ben Kingsley in Sexy Beast

PRO: The bad-ass white dick that's down with all the chicks.

CON: Denying him award might unleash "What do you mean, no?" speech.

Ian McKellen in Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

PRO: As Gandalf the Grey, he seems both god and monster.

CON: Sure, he's venerable, and we loved the movie, but the part has a slight posing-for-your-Burger King-action-figure quality to it.

Jon Voight in Ali

PRO: Studied work produces uncanny resemblance to Howard Cosell; added glow from fans of co-star Jamie Foxx; possibility daughter might wear a piece of macramé

CON: Voters might fear if they vote for the hair, they'll get the hair.

Best Supporting Actress 2001

Jennifer Connelly in A Beautiful Mind

PRO: She has our leftover goodwill from Dark City, and she has a sensitive scene with a baby.

CON: So falling in love with Russell Crowe's an acting job? She's basically a coathanger that cries.

Helen Mirren in Gosford Park

PRO: Holds her own in a cast with more titles than King Arthur's Court; as Mirren has observed, she gets the last scene

CON: May split vote with co-star Smith; mumbly sound, most labyrinthine plot since big sleep may make it impossible for voters to tell what film's outcome is.

Maggie Smith in Gosford Park

PRO:Smith's role: the Countess dripping with evil bon mots, showier than Mirren's; glittery Hollywood may ally with upstairs rather than downstairs side of cast.

CON:May split vote with Mirren, above.

Marisa Tomei in In The Bedroom

PRO: May get pulled along by Spacek/Wilkinson momentum from actors' movie.

CON: Our lady of a thousand accents, none of them New England.

Kate Winslet in Iris

PRO:Finally, nudity! Also we are reading The Good Apprentice and think it is very funny.

CON: All this swimming around has got to stop; what if she bumps into Kevin Spacey down there?

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