The Felixes

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Best Picture 1999

American Beauty

PRO: Terrific, well-written movie with great roles; lush fantasy sequences; naked teenagers
CON: Three words: The Ice Storm.

The Cider House Rules

PRO: Al Gore likes it and has for years.
CON: Aren't voters getting a little tired of Miramax? Maybe they should call them "Harveys."

The Green Mile

PRO: Tom Hanks: You've Got Jail!
CON: Life in prison; a giant rapist -- this is uplifting?

The Insider

PRO: Epic saga of one man's struggle against corporate interests; title is ripe for pornographic parody.
CON: Why can't they nominate a porn movie for best picture? I mean, c'mon, I saw this movie on DVD the other week, and there was this woman painting a flower, and it turns out, it'

The Sixth Sense

PRO: The movie is built around a really cool twist, causing millions of theatregoers to see it twice; the kid is great.
CON: We were not among those theatregoers; Bruce Willis.

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