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Best Supporting Actor 2000

Jeff Bridges in The Contender

PRO: He still counts as a Hollywood kid, doesn't he? Maybe he and Kate Hudson can hang out.

CON: This movie died, at least in New York. We think more people saw Wonder Boys the first time.

William Dafoe in Shadow of the Vampire

PRO: Martin Landau won for playing Bela Lugosi, so what the heck?

CON: Would have to spend a great portion of acceptance speech thanking Lee Press-On Nails. Movie so bad ( Battlefield Transylvania ) that we actually walked out.

Benicio del Toro in Traffic

PRO: He can finally tell the story about de, uh, hooker with the-um dysentery.

CON: We got about three lines of intelligible dialogue out of this guy for the whole picture.

Albert Finney in Erin Brockovich

PRO: In charming movie that may make big sweep; gets "old man" vote.

CON: This guy played Daddy Warbucks! Who the hell are you kidding?

Joaquin Phoenix in Gladiator

PRO: Clearly enjoys being evil villain; unpronounceable name ("Phoenix") lends air of mystique.

CON: Was much better in Quills, a movie that got shafted this year. Also, where's Tobey Maguire? What's WRONG with you people?

Best Supporting Actress 2000

Judi Dench in Chocolat

PRO: She's Judi Dench, for god's sake. That's Dame Judi to you.

CON: Un-characteristically non-regal role; does not get to play Victoria, Elizabeth, or even M.

Marcia Gay Harden in Pollack

PRO: More fun than watching paint dry (try the veal, it's terrific tonight.)

CON: Outshone by co-star Ed Harris, who has a much stronger shot than she does.

Kate Hudson in Almost Famous

PRO:Famous kid bit worked for Gwyneth.

CON:Several Academy members probably slept with groupie on whom her character is based.

Frances McDormand in Almost Famous

PRO: Not a super-strong field, will be helped by her track record and extra momentum from "pow" performance in Wonder Boys.

CON: Does not really do much in movie; could split vote with whippersnapper Kate Hudson.

Julie Walters in Billy Elliot

PRO:Gives fab performance as poor man's Brenda Blethyn.

CON: Least well-known actress in field; small movie.

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