The Felixes

Or, the Anti-Oscars.TM

Best Director 2002

Pedro Almodovar for Talk to Her

PRO: Special acclamation of peers noticing film that got overlooked in Best Picture sweepstakes.

CON: Director must have sweated yelling, "keep lying there . . . keep lying there . . . great! that's a keeper."

Stephen Daldry for The Hours

PRO: Great intercutting ties three storylines together: Washing your face never looked more dramatic.

CON: Streep. Moore. Kidman. Harris. Can you say "director on autopilot"?

Rob Marshall for Chicago

PRO: Re-choreographs Fosse and gets away with it.

CON: One word: Seussical.

Roman Polanski for The Pianist

PRO: Might attend ceremony, ending decades-long exile from U.S. on statutory rape rap.

CON: Might miss ceremony to attend girlfriend's bat mitzvah.

Martin Scorsese for Gangs of New York

PRO: Historical epic with lots of dead people takes voters back to 1939.

CON: Some found it draggy and silly, much like Academy's waiting to give Scorsese Oscar.

Best Foreign Language Film 2002

El Crimen de Padre Amaro (Mexico)

Hero (China)

The Man Without a Past (Finland)

Nowhere in Africa (Germany)

Zus & Zo (Netherlands)

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