The Felixes

Or, the Anti-Oscars.TM

Or, the Anti-OscarsTM.

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"Now it's garbage" -- Walter Matthau as Oscar Madison, The Odd Couple

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Best Supporting Actor 2002

Chris Cooper in Adaptation

PRO: Really sank teeth into role.

CON: It's not nice to take work from Robert Downey, Jr.

Ed Harris in The Hours

PRO: With Pollock and The Hours has perfected art of portraying self-pitying New York artist.

CON: Will be unavailable to receive award due to clarinet gig at Michael's Pub.

Paul Newman in Road to Perdition

PRO: Will bring own popcorn.

CON: Will bring own salad dressing, salsa, and steak sauce.

John C. Reilly in Chicago

PRO: Also trotted out woeful, overlooked persona in The Hours, and, um, we forget . . . .

CON: Isn't being married to Renee Zellweger and Julianne Moore reward enough?

Christopher Walken in Catch Me if You Can

PRO: Possessed by the ghost of Frank Sinatra in campy, rat pack-y role.

CON: Will split votes with himself for Kangaroo Jack.

Best Supporting Actress 2002

Kathy Bates in About Schmidt

PRO: The best hot tub since Eddie Murphy did James Brown.

CON: The fear she may not be acting.

Queen Latifah in Chicago

PRO: From the year's hottest musical: the woman who actually sang.

CON: May split votes with co-star Zeta Jones ("They both/they both/reached for/reached for/the Oscar/They both reached for/the Oscar")

Julianne Moore in The Hours

PRO: The ultimate Bush administration heroine: she drives a gas-guzzler and says 'no' to drugs.

CON: Showiest work done by her make-up artist.

Meryl Streep in Adaptation

PRO: Takes great acting chops to convince critics it sucks to work at The New Yorker.

CON: Sophisticated writer a little too shocked to find drugs in South Florida.

Catherine Zeta-Jones in Chicago

PRO: They owe her one for Traffic; best actress with Greek letter in name since Delta Burke.

CON: Saddam Hussein a menace who must be stopped.

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