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Original Song 2002

"I Move On," from Chicago; music by John Kander, lyric by Fred Ebb

PRO: Last-minute addition offers composers chance for piece of juggernaut pie.

CON:Choreography-free closing-credit number only song fans of movie won't remember.

"Lose Yourself," from 8 Mile; music by Eminem, Jeff Bass and Luis Resto, lyric by Eminem

PRO: Nothing if not catchy; hip-hop music apparently quite popular with the young folks.

CON: Song has two chances to win, slim and shady, and slim just left town.

"Burn It Blue," from Frida; music by Elliot Goldenthal, lyric by Julie Taymor

PRO: Latin-inflected duet should benefit from Dame Edna-Vanity Fair backlash.

CON: Song title stolen from DVD porn manufacturer's how-to guide.

"The Hands that Built America," from Gangs of New York; music and lyrics by Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen

PRO: First the Super Bowl half-time show, now this; U2 will be hawking Chevy trucks soon.

CON: Film portrays characters whose hands actually loot, burn America.

"Father and Daughter," from The Wild Thornberrys Movie; music and lyric by Paul Simon

PRO: At least he isn't writing a Broadway musical; choice of Simon mercifully bumps Nick Carter, P. Diddy from consideration.

CON: Victory could prompt harrowing celebratory Wedgie Dance.

Original Score 2002

Catch Me If You Can (John Williams)

PRO: Jazz-inflected opening theme a 21st-century "Pink Panther" without smarmy panther.

CON: By-the-numbers underscoring suggests composer stymied by lack of cuddly aliens.

Far From Heaven (Elmer Bernstein)

PRO: For prolific Bernstein, 244th time's the charm.

CON: Wild, Wild West (Does that mean we have to admit that we saw it?)

Frida (Elliot Goldenthal)

PRO: Passionate tropicalia soundtrack caters to every voter's inner flamenco dancer.

CON: Who needs Dame Edna? Males can use images of film's wizened vocalists to forestall premature ejaculation.

The Hours (Philip Glass)

PRO: Sensitive score clings to emotional contours of story like Julia Roberts to podium.

CON: Rhythmic beeps send moviegoers scurrying to shut off cell phones and disarm smoke detectors.

Road to Perdition (Thomas Newman)

PRO: Voters just grateful for a year off from Randy Newman.

CON: Which of these things is not like the others? a) Mobsters; b) Speakeasies; c) Depression-era Chicago; d) Tubular bells and gamelan.

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