The Felixes
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Original Screenplay 2004

The Aviator, John Logan

PRO: Sweeping epic that manages to make even repeated viewing of Hell's Angels interesting

CON: Leaves out our favorite part, where Melvin shows up

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Charlie Kaufman

PRO: After Adaptation, seems romantic and fairly comprehensible

CON: Like Memento with hair dryers

Hotel Rwanda, Keir Pearson and Terry George

PRO: So many lives are saved it could be the annual Oscar-winning Holocaust documentary

CON: One of those "I've heard it was good" movies: despite critical acclaim, did not pull a huge audience

The Incredibles, Brad Bird

PRO: One of the best movies of the year; a strong enough animated film to hold its own with a good crop of live-action movies

CON: Comics nerds resent its stealing from Fantastic Four; kinda pushy to go ahead and put your kudos in your titles

Vera Drake, Mike Leigh

PRO: Love the Drake

CON: Hate the Drake (apologies to Seinfeld)

Adapted Screenplay 2004

Before Sunset, Richard Linklater, Julie Delpy, and Ethan Hawke

PRO: Even better than predecessor, Before Sunrise

CON: Oh, c'mon, Ethan Hawke; may get lost in Daylight Savings Time shuffle

Finding Neverland, David Magee

PRO: We hear Liz Taylor loves it

CON: Audiences still waiting for prequel, Losing Neverland

Million Dollar Baby, Paul Haggis

PRO: With Eastwood, Freeman and Swank all nominated, may score a big sweep

CON: The bit of dialogue, "Can I call you boss? No? Ok, boss," is repeated approximately 86 times

The Motorcycle Diaries, Jose Rivera

PRO: Will attract voters who hear its a sensitive story of Cuban revolutionaries

CON: Will turn off voters shocked to hear that Cuba Gooding Jr. is a revolutionary

Sideways, Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor

PRO: Gem of a movie about unsympathetic zhlubs worthy of attention

CON: What's next? The Michael Eisner story?

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