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Best Director 2006

Clint Eastwood for Letters from Iwo Jima

PRO: Hollywood favorite (Unforgiven, Million-Dollar Baby) makes two incredible movies (see also Flags of Our Fathers) looking at Greatest Generation's war.

CON: Wait, wait … the Japanese were responsible for one of the wars in the world? Didn't Clint get Mel Gibson's memo?

Stephen Frears for The Queen

PRO: Portrait of chilly London insider is this year's (Tony) Blair Witch Project.

CON: No kids-in-peril or show-stopping dance numbers.

Paul Greengrass for United 93

PRO: This is the category where the Academy could reward gripping-yet-sensitive 9/11 movie, which many critics call the best movie of the year.

CON: Director's strong, dedicated vision sabotaged by product placement in title.

Alejandro González Iñárritu for Babel

PRO: Compelling interwoven stories from director of 21 Grams just won Golden Globe.

CON: After Traffic and Crash, this "three movies in one" quasi-documentary trend is getting seriously old.

Martin Scorsese for The Departed

PRO: It's time: As Jon Stewart noted, "Three 6 Mafia, one Oscar, Martin Scorsese, Zero Oscar"

CON: There's only room for one old sentimental favorite, and this year it's Eastwood.

Best Foreign Language Film 2006

After the Wedding (Denmark)

Days of Glory (Algeria)

The Lives of Others (Germany)

Pan's Labyrinth (Mexico)

Water (Canada)

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