The Felixes

Or, the Anti-Oscars.TM

Cinematography 2006

The Black Dahlia, Vilmos Zsigmond

Children of Men, Emmanuel Lubezki

The Illusionist, Dick Pope

Pan's Labyrinth, Guillermo Navarro

The Prestige, Wally Pfister

Art Direction/Set Decoration 2006

Dreamgirls, art direction by John Myhre, set decoration by Nancy Haigh

The Good Shepherd, art direction by Jeannine Oppewall, set decoration by Gretchen Rau and Leslie E. Rollins

Pan's Labyrinth, art direction by Eugenio Caballero, set decoration by Pilar Revuelta

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chestart direction by Rick Heinrichs, set decoration by Cheryl A. Carasik

The Prestige, art direction by Nathan Crowley, Set Direction by Julie Ochipinti

Film Editing 2006

Babel | Blood Diamond | Children of Men | The Departed | United 93

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