The Felixes

Or, the Anti-Oscars.TM

Original Song 2006

"I Need to Wake Up," from An Inconvenient Truth; music and lyrics by Melissa Etheridge

PRO: Come to my window, and watch the icecaps melting

CON: Not nearly as catchy as other global warming music, e.g., The Beach Boys' Endless Summer

"Listen," from Dreamgirls; music by Henry Krieger and Scott Cutler; lyrics by Anne Preven.

PRO: The most obvious of the written-so-Beyonce-could-perform-at-the-Awards songs.

CON: In art-imitates-life, Beyonce doesn't even make it onto song credit.

"Love You I Do," from Happy Feet; music by Henry Krieger, lyrics by Siedah Garrett.

PRO: Nicely modular; as works as "I Do Love You" or "You I Do Love."

CON: Does not work as "Do You Love I."

"Our Town," from Cars; music and lyrics by Randy Newman.

PRO: Newman has been nominated what, 1,000 times? Going up against him in the song category (especially without Prince) is like going up against John Williams in the score category.

CON: Backlash from parents of little kids who have Cars soundtrack stuck in their head while driving or at the mall.

"Patience" from Dreamgirls; music by Henry Krieger, lyrics by Willie Reale.

PRO: A message song, intended to quiet the restless masses who are mad they didn't get a best picture nomination.

CON: Possibly weakest of Krieger's three Dreamgirls songs, but may serve to pull a few votes away from the other two.

Original Score 2006

Babel, Gustavo Santaolalla

The Good German, Thomas Newman

Notes on a Scandal, Philip Glass

Pan's Labyrinth, Javier Navarette

The Queen, Alexandre Desplat

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